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You’ve heard the urgent message: One billion children worldwide are experiencing multi-dimensional poverty. They live without access to education, healthcare, housing, nutrition, sanitation or water.

We believe a movement of compassion can make a real difference in the face of overwhelming realities. Your compassion can uplift, educate, nurture, care, nourish and protect.

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You are in the right place to make a real difference. Whether it’s a monthly sponsorship investment in the life of a child, a one-time donation to a cause that moves you, or another meaningful connection to the mission—the choice is yours!



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What is holistic child development?

Every child has unique needs because of their unique context. Compassion responds to the unique needs of the children we serve in partnership with over 8,000 local churches around the world. We equip local churches to deliver a holistic child development program that is designed to be agile and relevant for every child.

This isn’t a band-aid solution to poverty. It’s an impact that lasts.

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Get to know the stories of sponsorship.

Eric, a Compassion Alumni, sits in a church and talks to an interviewer

A meaningful life: Eric’s story

Eric was eight when his father passed away. Not only did his family lose their only source of income when his father died, but his father’s family also came and took everything from them in an act known as wealth grabbing—leaving them with nothing.

But that’s not where Eric’s story ends. He shares, “This was just a life-changing story. We totally had nothing. And then there was this big ray of hope…”

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ria, a Compassion Alumni, sits in a church, waiting to be interviewed.

Growing in confidence and in Christ: Ria’s story

As she reflects on her time in the Compassion program, Ria shares this: “Knowing that someone cares for you, it changes you. That’s how I felt the love of Jesus—it was through my sponsor and the people at my Compassion centre.”

Ria didn’t always have the confidence to speak up or imagine a bright future for herself. But today, she is living a life free from poverty and using her voice as an advocate for children.

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Jean, a Compassion Alumni, looks at the camera and laughs, whole-heartedly.

Impact that multiplies: Jean’s story

Jean was born in Trouin, Haiti. Many families, including his own, lived in poverty. “There was no safe drinking water, no electricity, no employment opportunities.”

Life changed when Jean was registered at the Compassion centre at a local church. Because of Compassion’s child sponsorship program and a simple gift from his sponsor, the trajectory of Jean’s life changed. This simple gift made an impact that is still multiplying today.

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Compassion connects you to the mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.


We believe in the power of the transformative love of Christ to change lives. We aim to serve our neighbours around the world the way Jesus did: meeting practical needs and sharing the tangible hope of the good news.


We strategically choose to focus on children, because we believe that an investment in the life of a child also impacts their family, community and nation. We provide kids and youth with the resources and relationships to overcome poverty.


We believe that local churches are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of their neighbours. That’s why we partner solely with local churches around the world, equipping them to lead and implement programs that spark life transformation in their communities.