10 Moments Every Child Sponsor Can Relate To

Your child sponsorship experience, explained in GIFs.

1. Remember the moment you were deciding which child to sponsor?

Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming!

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2. When your sponsored child writes these words: ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m praying for you’.

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Building a relationship with a child and knowing your support is helping to release them from poverty is the best feeling ever.

3. When you’re waiting for a letter to come.

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We know some of you have had to wait a while to receive letters from your sponsored child and we’re working hard to improve this. In the meantime, make sure you check My Compassion. Letters will often appear there before they’re sent to you in the mail.

4. Getting a letter from your sponsored child.

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The best kind of letter to find in your mailbox! And FYI, the feeling’s mutual. Children LOVE hearing from you, too.

5. Sometimes feeling guilty that you’re not writing enough.

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If you’d like to write but struggle to know what to say, try out these ideas.

6. When you learn about a new culture through their letters.

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Every letter is a little piece of Asia, Africa or Central or South America! It’s fun learning about the different cultural traditions, holidays and food.

7. When things get a little lost in translation…

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“I like to climb my house’s roof to fly kites but my grandma doesn’t let me do that.”

Sometimes things get lost in translation, but often it’s just the quirky personalities of the children themselves!

8. When they tell you they’re doing well in school.

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9. Getting their new photo and marveling at how much they’ve grown.

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10. And despite the ocean separating you, feeling like your sponsored child is part of your family.

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Words by Zoe Noakes; a version of this post was originally published by Compassion Australia.

Written by: Compassion Canada