Thank you for your gift of Academic Scholarships for students in Indonesia!

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Indonesian students in a classroom.

Because of your gift of Academic Scholarships, tuition will be covered for 18 students in Indonesia who are completing three- or four-year college programs in midwifery, marketing, accounting or agriculture. With the support of their local Compassion centre, these students are pursuing their ambitions and being equipped as leaders in their community.

Gifts like Academic Scholarships are so important in the fight against poverty. You can read about how last year’s gift of Academic Scholarships impacted 10 students in Indonesia.

More specific reporting on the impact of your gift will be available in May 2022 via our online intervention reports.

Thank you for supporting children and families living in poverty.

If you’d like to give again, Gifts of Compassion are available all year.

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Written by: Compassion Canada