It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we share that 10-year-old John from Kenya, who is featured in our 2020 Gifts of Compassion gift guide, recently passed away due to complications related to his condition, before the preliminary tests for the kidney transplant could begin.

Alongside his family and community, we are grateful to our supporters who generously provided the funds needed for John’s medical care. The director of John’s Compassion centre, Kelvin, writes, “As a church and community, we are overwhelmed by the love and sacrifice for those who provided the much-needed funds for the treatment and management of John’s condition. We could not have raised this amount alone, much less amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The availability of the funds was a great relief.”

Your generosity ensured John had access to timely treatment as he bravely faced his kidney condition, including weekly dialysis as he awaited a transplant. We are heartbroken that John was never able to receive the life-saving kidney transplant that would’ve been made possible by your generosity.

Please stand with us in lifting John’s family and community in prayer as they grieve this unimaginable loss. We are thankful to know that John’s family does not grieve alone, but continues to have the Compassion centre by their side. And we’re thankful to serve a God who is close to the broken-hearted, even as we struggle to grapple with such heartbreaking loss.

John’s mother, Grace, shares that even in the midst of this great loss, she is reminded of the hope she found throughout John’s treatment. “Initially, the process was extremely overwhelming. It seemed impossible, and we had no hope of having John go through the treatment process. However, the support from the church and Compassion gave us that hope again.”

To those that donated to John’s treatment, Grace says, “May the Heavenly Father sincerely see them through in every situation! May they never lack! May God’s grace and peace be sufficient in them! And may they never stop reaching those that are in need.”

We want you to know that any remaining funds will support John’s family by covering outstanding medical costs and funeral costs. Any excess funds beyond this will be used toward treatments for other children living in poverty who are experiencing major medical conditions.

In light of this, we will continue to make this gift available through our Gifts of Compassion gift guide, to allow our supporters to give in John’s memory to support other children in need of major medical interventions.


“Mourn with those who mourn.” – Romans 12:15


Thank you for standing with John and his family through your generosity and your prayers.

Written by: Compassion Canada