An update on child letters

Watch a video from Chantal, our Director of Supporter Services, about child letter delays

Receiving a letter from your sponsored child is a joy and a significant part of the relationship you have with them. It is why Compassion places so much value on that part of our program—it is important!

Correspondence has always had an element of time to it as you wait for letters to be delivered, responded to and sent back. But the pandemic has placed an extra strain on this special and significant part of our program and caused delays. If you have been waiting to receive a letter from your sponsored child and have been feeling worried, concerned or frustrated, we want you to know that we hear you. We understand how much you are missing these regular connection points with your child.

Hear more from Chantal, our Director of Supporter Services, about how the pandemic has affected the flow of letters and how our staff are doing their best to creatively keep children connected to their sponsors during this time.

As Chantal shares, your letters are still getting through to your sponsored children at this time despite the delays in receiving their responses. This is wonderful news because letters are a tremendous encouragement and support to Compassion children like Akhi in Bangladesh. Your letters are a treasured source of hope for your sponsored child and their family in this time.

Write your sponsored child a letter today to speak words of hope, encouragement and life in a time when it is needed most.

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Written by: Compassion Canada