We invite you to read our new YouVersion devotional plan, Are You Hungry?

Have you ever noticed one of Jesus’ primary ministries was sharing meals? Around the table, Jesus taught about the new community He was creating. He also explained who was invited to that table and what it meant to have a place of belonging with Him. When Jesus broke bread, He was demonstrating something about what it meant to be His disciple. The creation of wine and the multiplication of loaves was a message about the abundance available in the Kingdom. In the everyday practice of sharing a meal, Jesus taught that of all the things the Kingdom would be, it would feel almost like coming home to a family dinner.

In this 7-day devotional reading plan written by Compassion Canada writer Lindy Brown, we explore what the meals of Jesus can teach us about breaking bread, hospitality, justice and the Kingdom of God.

Are You Hungry is now available on the YouVersion Bible App, including audio narration by Compassion staff Joe Long.

  • You can download a copy to print off at home here.
  • You can access the devotional on desktop or mobile by visiting this link.
  • You can find it directly in the app by searching for “Are you Hungry?”. Just look for this image in the Bible App:
various delicious and decadent foods (cheese, grapes, honey, figs) are displayed on a white marble countertop. The title image for Are You Hungry? Devotional reading plan from Compassion Canada.


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Written by: Compassion Canada