Need some inspiration on what to write in your next letter to the child you sponsor?

We asked some kids at a Compassion centre in Ethiopia:

What do you want to know about your sponsor?

Here’s what they said!


Biniyam, 11

A portrait of Biniyam. He is wearing a blue t-shirt and sitting on a playground.

“It was so cool when my sponsor sent me a picture of himself. He is a doctor. I would like to know what kind of doctor my sponsor is and what kinds of things he does as a doctor.”


Eden, 13

Eden reads a letter she's written to her sponsor. She is wearing a green top.

“My sponsor’s name is Hannah. She has been my sponsor for four years. I would like to hear more about my sponsor’s life, and I would like to know if she and her family are doing well.”


Seferash, 13

A portrait of Seferash. She is sitting on a step in from of a mural, smiling. She is wearing a black and white stripe tshirt and green camouflage pants.

“My sponsor is 19 years old. She sent me a photo of herself. She is very beautiful. I would want to know what my sponsor is doing—is she is working or studying?”


Bemnet, 9

While working on a letter to his sponsor, Bemnet holds it up in front of his face to read what he's written. He is wearing a red jacket and holding a pink pencil.

“I have received two letters from my sponsor. I wish very much that he would write me more and tell me stories about himself.”


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Written by Alyssa Esparaz and Amber Van Schooneveld

Photos by Ben Adams

Written by: Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa is Compassion Canada's Manager of Content and Public Relations, telling stories that inspire and equip Jesus followers to live compassionate lifestyles. She is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, where she studied International Development.