April is Volunteer Month. (Woohoo! Hooray! Toot toot!) Have we told you lately how much we love our volunteers? Without volunteers, Compassion simply wouldn’t be able to help nearly as many children living in poverty. Volunteers in our field countries give their time at Compassion centres at local churches to care for children. And volunteers in our funding countries—including Canada—give their time to pray and raise awareness and support for even more children living in poverty. Without you, churches around the world couldn’t reach nearly as far in loving those in the greatest need in their midst.

So to celebrate our volunteers this month, we wanted to hear from you! We asked some of our workers and volunteers around the world what they love about giving their time to help children in need.

“It makes my day when I watch children playing, running and learning new things at the centre.”
Volunteer in Burkina Faso
“I volunteer because I love knowing that children in poverty will receive the help they need; most importantly that they will have an opportunity to know and receive the blessing of the gospel.”
Volunteer in Ontario, Canada, who presents Compassion
“I love giving hope to children in poverty and I believe I will do this for many more years.”
A tutor in the Philippines
“It is my calling to work at the Compassion centre.”
A centre secretary in Nicaragua
“I love the chance to encourage relationships between sponsors and children.”
A volunteer in British Columbia, Canada, who shares Compassion with her friends
“It makes me so happy to see the children every day.”
A curriculum trainer in Honduras
“I volunteer because I love seeing the smiling faces when people find ‘their’ child.”
A volunteer in Nova Scotia, Canada, who helps at events
“I feel happy when I care for the children and heal their physical wounds.”
A health specialist in Honduras
“I love the community of volunteers and how we have a shared sense of purpose and goals that unite us.”
A volunteer from Ontario, Canada, who fundraises and presents Compassion
“Children make me so happy. I play soccer with them, and we jump rope together.”
A tutor in Honduras

If you want to learn more about volunteering with Compassion, we’d love to help you out!

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Amber Van Schooneveld

Amber Van Schooneveld

Amber Van Schooneveld is the Managing Editor of Compassion International's blog.