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Christmas at a Compassion centre

Christmas at Compassion centres around the world is a special time. In many Compassion children’s homes, there will be no special decorations, no Christmas feast and no presents. But our church partners go the extra mile to help children know and experience the love of God at Christmas time. Often our church partners put extra care […]

date: December 4, 2015
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What gifts do sponsored children get at Christmas?

Through Compassion’s Christmas Gift Fund, each child Compassion serves gets a gift at Christmastime. The gifts vary from country to country, and all of them are bought locally by our church partners. Here’s a peek at just a few of them! These toddlers in Rwanda got a set of nice clothing. In many African countries, it’s […]

date: December 1, 2015
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Learning about HIV/AIDS

Learning you’re sick is frustrating. But if you are poor, it can be downright terrifying. Especially when it’s HIV/AIDS. Testing positive for HIV is about more than a health problem.  In many cultures, people with HIV or AIDS are shunned by their communities like a modern-day leper. And it’s difficult for sick parents to provide […]

date: November 30, 2015
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Why doesn’t Compassion give more away?

Many people thinking of sponsoring a child naturally want to know, “What does a child get through sponsorship?” Especially if comparing several different organizations, people want to know exactly what their money is going toward so they can be good stewards of their resources. This can lead us to focus on the physical things children […]

date: November 30, 2015
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Bereket the businessman

Despite failing his high school exams, a young man becomes successful thanks to the vocational training he received through Compassion. In the small town of Holeta, Ethiopia, a newcomer is easily spotted, especially if that newcomer is a troubled young mother with two frail children. This young mother, Tsegie, traveled hundreds of kilometres to escape […]

date: November 25, 2015
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Why do people in poverty have cell phones?

If you’ve ever visited low-income communities abroad, you might have been surprised to see how many people have cell phones. From businesspeople in suits to women hawking tomatoes on the streets, everyone seems to have a cell phone in their hand. This can lead people to ask, “If they are so poor, why do they […]

date: November 20, 2015
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Five weeks left to shop—and do good

There’s just a little over five weeks until Christmas! Does that bring you excitement and joy or anxiety? (Or maybe a mix of both!) We want to bring joy to you and to people living in poverty—with our annual gift guide. How can a gift guide bring joy? Trust us—the look on a child’s face […]

date: November 16, 2015
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Spend a day with a Child Survival Program Implementer

Meet Ann. Ann is an implementer for Compassion’s Child Survival Program in the Philippines. She works directly with the moms and babies registered at our local church partner in the community of Karuhatan in Metro Manila. Ann and fellow implementer Irma set out on foot to visit the homes of families registered in the program. They travel […]

date: November 14, 2015
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Stopping Hepatitis B

Many people in the small town of Ba, Ghana, are afraid of HIV/AIDS. But few have ever heard of hepatitis B. When the Compassion centre in Ba held their first health screening, four children tested positive for hepatitis B. The virus spreads through various bodily fluids and, if untreated, can lead to advanced liver scarring, […]

date: November 10, 2015
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Success for one of the last polio cases in the Philippines

The last recorded case of polio in the Philippines was in 1993. Unfortunately, Denard was born in 1990. When he was a three, he contracted the virus and was paralyzed in both of his legs from the knee down. He was one of the very last polio cases in the country. Unable to stand, he […]

date: November 8, 2015
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