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How does Compassion help children with education?

Most of our sponsors know that Compassion helps children receive education. But how exactly do we go about doing that? These articles will be your guide to understand how your sponsorship brings educational opportunities to children to ensure they can be self-supporting when they grow up. Are Compassion centres schools? One common misconception we hear […]

date: August 15, 2013
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How do local resources help Compassion’s ministry?

If you’ve been reading along with us about what meals kids get through Compassion, you know that Compassion’s programs are tailored to each community where we work. Allowing our church partners freedom while following Compassion’s guidelines ensures they are meeting the real needs in their communities in the most efficient and effective ways. A big […]

date: August 13, 2013
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Experience worship with a Compassion Artist

Music captivates the mind and touches the heart like nothing else. That’s why Compassion partners with a diverse group of artists and speakers who use their time and talents to bless congregations across Canada in their worship gatherings. But how does this ministry change the hearts of a congregation? Watch as pastors and artists from […]

date: August 9, 2013
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The ripple effect of a family gift

If you were to meet a villager in the community of Kathesh, Tanzania, chances are he or she would be a farmer. Compassion beneficiaries like Esther, Godfrey and Stefano come from families who farm. And through special gifts their sponsors have provided, benefits like improved housing and income-generating opportunities are rippling into the lives of their […]

date: August 6, 2013
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Connecting your kids with your sponsored child

North American children have much to offer the world and much to offer a sponsored child. Renowned children’s author Sally Lloyd-Jones reminds us, “Children need to know they’re part of something bigger.” Sponsorship offers the opportunity to invite your children into a global story. Here are three ways your child can get involved: Letter Writing […]

date: August 2, 2013
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A safe place for Emile

Togo is wild and beautiful; long grass grows tall in the red soil and grey mountains loom in distance. It’s here Emile lives with his grandmother in a one-room hut in the rugged bush lands. Life in the bush is far different from life in the village. People in the bush devote their lives to […]

date: August 1, 2013
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A Ugandan country veterinarian

David is famous in his little village of Kiwangala, Uganda. He can’t take more than ten steps down the dirt roads of his community without someone stopping him to chat or waving at him from afar. He is loved and respected. In this community where nearly everyone keeps animals, David is their beloved veterinarian. No […]

date: July 22, 2013
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15 years after Compassion

Like many children growing up in poverty, Ronnie didn’t really notice he was poor. It was just how life was in his neighbourhood in Cochabamba, Bolivia. His dad didn’t live with his family or provide for them, so Ronnie, his mom and three siblings never had enough—not enough food, not enough clothing and not enough […]

date: July 15, 2013
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Out of the ordinary

By her own admission, Betty Broadhurst isn’t extraordinary. She’s lived a simple life. She and her husband raised three children, spoiled six grandchildren and at 90, Betty now enjoys the antics of six great-grandchildren. She lives modestly in a cozy apartment, is committed to her church and enjoys swimming. With a quick grin, she admits […]

date: July 8, 2013
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From poverty to Ph.D.

When Vedhanayagam Masilamani wants to teach his two young sons about God’s power to transform a hopeless situation, the story of his own life tells it best. Now 38 and a professor at one of India’s premier universities, Masilamani came from the poverty-stricken village of Thirumanickam in southern India. Life was defined by a mud […]

date: July 1, 2013
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