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A Ugandan man and woman sit together on a couch and smile.

This victim of land theft is now a lawyer for the poor

A Compassion graduate in Uganda dedicates his life to bring justice to those denied it. When John turned twelve, his world fell apart. Life in the rural community of Nangera, Uganda, hadn’t ever been easy, but for John, it was home. As the oldest of five children, John knew his parents struggled to put food […]

date: January 10, 2018
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Leticia Judith Ochoa Contreras, adult woman, wearing a pink shirt stands in front of a group of boys and girls, teenagers, youth, teens, in a classroom, class, as a youth leader at church and the center, as a mentor and posing in a class portrait with her students behind her sitting at their desks, mentoring.

Bringing hope to the abused

This graduate of Compassion’s Leadership Development Program was barely even able to attend school as a girl. But now she is working as a prosecutor to defend abused women and children. Standing in the doorway to her office, Leticia Ochoa Contreras greets you with confidence and a beaming smile. This successful woman is a lawyer, […]

date: February 9, 2017
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They call her their bible

There’s something different about Angelik. She’s a dedicated student. She ranks among the top Accounting majors in the Far Eastern University in the Philippines. She is the Divine Covenant Student Centre’s first Leadership Development student. With all these demands on her time, Angelik is a very busy young woman. But that doesn’t stop her from […]

date: January 28, 2014
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A little child will lead them

It was a taxi driver who first helped Jonathan dream of becoming president. “One day, an angry taxi driver told me, ‘The difficult situation of the country—I know who is guilty for that. It’s the Christians’ fault.” Stunned, Jonathan listened as the driver questioned why Christians didn’t speak up, discuss the problems of the Dominican Republic and try to find fair solutions. “He […]

date: March 19, 2013
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