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Girl smiles in a field and holds a bouquet of flowers.

10 inspiring moments we’re thankful for this year

2020 has been tough, but this Thanksgiving, we are choosing to be grateful for the amazing things God’s done through Compassion this year!

date: October 8, 2020
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A teenage boy in Colombia sits on a ledge reading a letter from his sponsor.

How to write your sponsored child in a time of crisis

In this season, you might find yourself wondering about the safety and health of the child you sponsor. Maybe you’re longing to communicate with them—ask how they’re doing, tell them that you’re praying for them. These are great questions to be asking. They reveal your heart for children in poverty, which gives us so much […]

date: May 14, 2020
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The most popular baby names around the world!

Amidst all the craziness of the world around us, we are excited about celebrating the beauty of motherhood this weekend! In honour of Mother’s day, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most popular baby names around the world. Come take a look! ____ Every continent has its […]

date: May 5, 2020
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This girl memorizes her sponsor’s letters

Think your letters don’t matter? Think again—Lizbeth values her sponsor’s letters so much that she memorizes them! When we look at the big picture of the life of a child living in poverty, writing a letter can feel like we’re not doing enough. Filling a page with words seems trivial next to an empty belly […]

date: March 5, 2020
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FAQ Cheat Sheet for Sponsorship

At Compassion, we value you, our partners in mission, deeply. Our hope is to be transparent with the ins and outs of our ministry. One of the ways we do that is by addressing your questions—big or small!

date: October 24, 2019
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Why Letter Writing Matters in a Social Media Age

Letter writing brings up all sorts of nostalgia for most of us. When we think letters, we may think of a feather quill and a bottle of ink, or typing on a clunky typewriter by the light of a candle. Maybe we think of that box of letters we keep in our attic—the one that […]

date: October 9, 2019
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An Ethiopian boy in a blue shirt works on a letter to his sponsor. He is leaning over a wooden desk, writing with a green pencil.

Translating love

Compassion has thousands of staff—and countless more volunteers—around the world who work faithfully in their specific roles, to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Whether at a national office in southeast Asia, at our global headquarters in Colorado, at our office here in Canada or elsewhere, Compassion has a global team that top to […]

date: July 5, 2019
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A group of kids sit in rows, writing letters to their sponsors.

Ask the kids! What do you want to know about your sponsor?

Need some inspiration on what to write in your next letter to the child you sponsor? We asked some kids at a Compassion centre in Ethiopia: What do you want to know about your sponsor? Here’s what they said! ____ Biniyam, 11 “It was so cool when my sponsor sent me a picture of himself. […]

date: July 5, 2019
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A bond forged through letters grows deeper than this sponsor could have imagined.

A bond beyond borders

The moment you meet Cynthia Trump-Fougere from Carstairs, Alberta, you feel welcomed and at ease. Her bright, blue eyes twinkle with quick humour and her infectious laugh portrays a woman with a zest for life and an unrestrained love for others. But she’s the first to admit that finding joy was sometimes a struggle. “I […]

date: July 4, 2019
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A row of girls lie on their stomachs with their chins in their hands, smiling, with confetti falling around them.

What does it look like to volunteer with Compassion?

It’s National Volunteer Week and we are celebrating “all-things-volunteer” here at Compassion Canada! Did you know that there are over 1500 Compassion volunteers across the country? They show us that living compassionately can reorient our lives and affect the way we spend not only our money, but our time, too! We are thankful for each […]

date: April 5, 2019
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