Allison Alley recently sat down with the Ending Poverty Together Podcast to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on children living in poverty and what Compassion has done to address the crisis.

One year after the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, Allison joins hosts Shelaine Strom and Eric Strom to discuss what child development and sponsorship look like in the midst of a global shutdown and why the global Church is perfectly suited to provide life-changing support to families around the world.

The interview also explores:

  • What poverty is.
  • How Compassion uniquely addresses poverty through child sponsorship.
  • Key moments in Allison’s life that opened her eyes to the global nature of poverty.
  • Helpful books and other resources that unpack the realities of poverty and how to address it.
  • How families can learn and grow together to understand and engage child development in meaningful ways.



There are so many ways you and your family can grow together in doing good in the world today, even in a pandemic.

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