On August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the southwestern part of Haiti. Compassion Canada’s President and CEO, Allison Alley, and Compassion International’s Vice President of the Latin America and Caribbean Region, Edouard Lassegue, recently joined host Shelaine Strom on the Ending Poverty Together Podcast to talk about what long-term recovery and development looks like for the country of Haiti.

A graphic with a quote from Edouard Lassegue that reads, "There is constant tension between disaster response and long-term development. While you are responding to a disaster, you want to keep in mind the long term impact on those people."

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Episode description:

Over the past decade, Haiti has been rocked by numerous natural disasters—earthquakes, hurricanes, drought, and more. The people of Haiti have time and again proven their resilience as they rebuild, but it raises the question, how best can the global community support them? What does it look like for organizations to respond urgently to an emergency, while still investing in long-term development?

In this episode, Allison Alley, President and CEO of Compassion Canada, and Edouard Lassegue, Vice President of the Latin America and Caribbean Region at Compassion International, break down the aftermath of the 2021 earthquake, as well as the effects of the compounding crises that have swept through the country in recent years. Take a listen to explore the consequences of the “brain drain” that is affecting many majority countries around the world, Haiti included, and the beautiful, messy tension that exists between long-term development and relief.


Support Compassion’s local church partners in Haiti as they work to provide both relief and long-term development to their neighbours.

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