I love me a good home reno show. From granite countertops to ‘extreme’ closets, I’ll watch those Property Brothers fix anything up or Chip and Joanna slap shiplap on absolutely everything. But in watching the ‘must haves’ of North Americans, I can never forget the real ‘must haves’ of homes: hygienic floors, non-leaking roofs and private rooms that allow for dignity.

While mud homes with thatched roofs might look quaint in a picture of a faraway place, these homes can actually be quite dangerous for a child’s health. Dirt floors and thatched roofs can lead to infections, and constant treatment for these ailments can leave a family trapped in poverty.

But one North American family—the Gehls—decided to invest not in an extreme closet for themselves, but in a healthy home for others. The Gehls saw the needs of beautiful families in Uganda and desired to put their love in action. And when the big reveal occurred, they were amazed at the huge impact it made.

“We gave money in December, and here we are seven months later, and homes are built,” said Courtney Gehl.

“To see how far your dollars go, is amazing,” said Jason Gehl.

Do you want to be part of an extreme home renovation? Many children’s homes were destroyed this year in floods and landslides Uganda—children including:

  • 5-year-old Alice from Busiu
  • 6-year-old Edmond from Bududa
  • 6-year-old Milly from Bumasikye

Will you be part of the next “Extreme Home Renovation: Compassion Edition” and help rebuild Alice’s, Edmond’s and Milly’s homes?

Help build a safe home!

Written by: Amber Van Schooneveld

Amber Van Schooneveld is the Managing Editor of Compassion International's blog.