Five proverbs for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we salute the women who’ve carried us, soothed us, cheered for us and taught us lessons about life and love.

This group of moms live at the foot of Mount Meru in Northern Tanzania. They are part of our Child Survival Program which helps more than 26,000 moms and babies around the world through mentoring, childbirth assistance, pre- and post-natal check-ups and immunizations. Life is hard but their complaints are few. Instead, these moms shine with pride in their children. They are strong women, inside and out. They reflect contentment and selfless compassion towards other moms in their community.

May their proverbs encourage and inspire you this Mother’s Day.

Neema, a Ugandan mother, stands inside a building holding her daughter, Tumaina and bouquet of yellow flowers.

Neema & Tumaini

“A mother is a strong tower in the community. She stands full of strength.”

“As mothers, we need to cooperate, work together and love one another.”


Selena, a Ugandan mother, holds her infant son Jemaal and bouquet of yellow flowers. They both look out a window.

Selina & Jamaal

“When you encourage a mother, you are solving many problems.”

“I believe that if a mother is wise, life at home is ordered.”


Esta, a Ugandan mother, holds here infant daughter, Zena and bouquet of yellow flowers. Both smile.

Esta & Zena

“A mother is a great army.”

“Anything difficult that comes across a mother, she is able to fight it and overcome.”


Winner, a Ugandan mother holds her infant son, Godnester and yellow bouquet of flowers. They are smiling at each other.

Winner & Godnester

“A mother is the champion of the family. She helps keep the family stable.”

“If I had a friend who was a new mother I would advise her to relax and accept that God is in control.”


Lucy, a Ugandan mother holds her infant son, Crispin and yellow bouquet of flowers. They are smiling at eachother.

Lucy & Crispin

“The child of another mother is also your child. Love her child like your own.”

“If someone who is a mum is struggling I would encourage her to pray. I would also tell her nothing is impossible and I would offer her kind words.”


Today, we give thanks to the women, past and present, whose guidance and encouragement have made us who we are today. And we want to salute all the incredible moms in our Child Survival Program. Happy Mother’s Day!

Words by Ella Dickinson and Corinna Stubbs; photos by Ella Dickinson; This post was originally published by Compassion UK.

Written by: Compassion Canada