Our amazing volunteers share their wisdom on speaking up for children in poverty.

We are so inspired by the many Canadians who share Compassion with their friends, churches or other groups. Their choice makes such a lasting difference in the lives of so many children!

But we know it takes some courage—public speaking is many people’s biggest fear! Many of our volunteers were afraid at first too, but their helpful tips will give you the passion and inspiration to take the step of sharing your sponsorship experience with others, so that another child can receive the love and support of a sponsor.


Two girls, children, sit inside at wood desks, tables, in the class, classroom, hold hands up to their faces, giggling into their hands, hiding their faces, while participating in the opening up new packages, boxes, present, Christmas Holiday presents, gifts. Other children sit behind them in the classroom at their desks.

What are your top tips to overcome nerves when sharing about sponsorship?

“Be sincere in what you are saying. People will forgive and forget small speaking mistakes if they believe that you are speaking from the heart. Say a small prayer to God thanking him for standing beside you and ask him to give you His strength to overcome your nerves.” Ken from Alberta

“Choose to believe that no one is there to judge or condemn you. These are your brothers and sisters in Christ—they are for you, not against you. People are more interested in what you have to say than you may realize.” Janet from Saskatchewan

“I did a lot of praying for God to guide my words and give me courage to speak on His behalf. I am probably one of the shiest people but I don’t feel nervous at all anymore. I know God has opened up the doors for this opportunity to speak for children in poverty. I’ve seen personally the difference that Compassion’s ministry makes in the life of a child and their family. It is a privilege to be a part of it.” Darlene from Ontario

“Speaking to the church is so different from speaking to other groups of people. The congregation is actually interested in what you have to say and they’re really forgiving if you make mistakes. If being up there by yourself is challenging, try having someone interview you.” Brody from Alberta

“What we are sharing about is not about ourselves. It is the opportunity for someone to be a part of change in a child’s life. That focus allows us to not face nerves, but instead fills us with excitement for what God is doing. We remember the times we first heard about Compassion and how it made us feel. Therefore, we are excited to have the opportunity to plant a seed in someone’s life.” Cassidy and Kennedy from New Brunswick


Close-up of a child, toddler, boy, wearing a purple tank shirt, stretching playfully arms behind his head, sweet gentle expression and face, happy, open cheery eyes while laughing, laying on the ground looking up, view from above looking down on the happy child.

What would you say to someone thinking of sharing about child sponsorship who is unsure about speaking in front of people?

“Sharing does not have to be in front of a large auditorium of people. You could host friends over for a get-together and share why you are involved with Compassion. Find your strength and use it as a way to share.” Cassidy and Kennedy from New Brunswick

“Think of the message God has put on your heart.  Think of the impact it could have, both in the listener and the children and their families. Of course you have to be in front of people! You don’t want them to miss out on the opportunity to hear.” Sylvie from Ontario

“Compassion does an excellent job of equipping individuals for a presentation. There are excellent resources and a wonderful support staff in place. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Use the materials provided and share your personal experience and testimony with Compassion.” Janet from Saskatchewan

“I think if you are nervous and even if it shows it’s okay because people know that you are putting yourself out there, which makes the message even more sincere.” Sheila from Ontario

“I find that rather than sticking to a script that’s provided, I talk about why I got involved and what my favourite part of the ministry is. I love the aspect of how the local church runs the ministry and not a big group of outsiders. That’s what I emphasize, and it makes for a more compelling presentation.” Brody from Ontario


A happy boy, male child in a red, white, blue striped shirt holds a white microphone, sings, singing with stage lights behind him.

Why do you think sharing about child sponsorship is important?

“When you think about the work that Compassion is accomplishing and you know that it depends upon receiving continued support, then personal discomfort seems like a small matter. Even introverts like myself can be outgoing when there is an underlying passion.” Sheila from Ontario

“The impact is huge and far reaching! First there is the impact on families here in Canada when their eyes and hearts are opened to needs in other countries. Then there is the impact on each child being sponsored and the hope it gives them. So many of them accept Jesus as their Saviour and have transformed lives. Being released from poverty means their children won’t need to be sponsored.” Sylvie from Ontario

“The volunteers are really what run this ministry. It’s up to all of us to get the word out and change the lives of children. When you have seen the conditions that so many of these kids live in and how something so little can turn their lives around, you cannot help but give testimony as to what God is doing!” Brody from Alberta


Oscar Torres, NI102, pastor of church plant Iglesia Lirio de Los Valles Ciudad Sandino. Oscar Torres, 21 year old pastor, mentor, leader, teacher, adult man, wearing a pink shirt and jeans, stands in front speaking and motioning with a hand holding up a Bible book, talking into a microphone to rows of sitting boys and girls, children, students, inside at the center. This is a view from behind him facing the audience as he is teaching and speaking, sermon.

What would you say to someone who is considering planning a Sharing Compassion event?

“What have you got to lose and how much do you have to gain?” Ken from Alberta

“I have been to Guatemala with Compassion and met the Army of God who are in the trenches with these children and their families every day. I feel it is an honour and a blessing to do any little thing I can to support them in sharing the gospel in the most challenging circumstances. I may feel uncomfortable sharing Compassion for a few minutes one day, but that might just make the difference for someone’s eternity. It’s TOTALLY worth the risk!” Janet from Saskatchewan

“Just give it a shot. It doesn’t have to be big. Baby steps! Even if one child gets sponsored it is so worth it to that child, their family and to that sponsor.” Sheila from Ontario

“When you actually go and do it, it will transform your own life. If you do it once, you will want to do it more because you will realize the importance of it.” Sylvie from Ontario

“Let your passion shine through and people will fall in love with Compassion the way you have. Don’t let fear stop you because that is literally the only tool that the enemy can use to stop the spreading of the ministry. There is no other ministry that I have seen that is more effective at reaching children for Jesus and the results speak for themselves. This works, and God is on the move!” Brody from Alberta

Sharing compassion changes lives! If you are ready to take the step of sharing with others so that children can be empowered to escape poverty, we will support you with everything you need. Register your event to receive an event kit, as well as the guidance of our awesome staff!

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Written by: Amber Van Schooneveld

Amber Van Schooneveld is the Managing Editor of Compassion International's blog.