This young woman wants to change how sponsors communicate with their Compassion children

Georgina, 20, is from Sakumono, a fishing village in Ghana where many girls get pregnant as early as age 12 and drop out of school.

But Georgina is hardworking and determined.

When Compassion first opened in Ghana in 2005, Georgina was one of the first children registered. Compassion helped her stay in school after her father died and her mom was left a widow caring for three children. Now with the help of her mom and the local church, Georgina is studying computer engineering at the university—one of only a handful of girls in her class of 50!

This sharp young woman has plans to use her skills to give back once she graduates—she plans to create websites for Compassion centres in Ghana for children to learn more about their sponsors and share with them. We love her drive and vision!

Watch her story.

Words by Amber Van Schooneveld, photos and video by Aveleen Schinkel

Compassion Canada

Compassion Canada