As the World Series wraps up, Compassion kids around the world have baseball fever! Let’s meet the Compassion All-Star team.


Team Colombia

3-year-old Oliver from Colombia keeps a concentrated eye on the ball! He’s a force to be reckoned with.

Little Oliver is wearing a blue shirt, trying to hit a white ball with a make-shift bat.


Team Nicaragua

It’s all smiles from these Nicaraguan boys, who are all suited up and ready for their turn to bat.

A group of boys wearing green jerseys smiling at the camera


Team El Salvador

Carlitos from El Salvador can’t choose which catcher’s mitt to use for the big game. Both look great, Carlitos!

Carlitos holds two baseball gloves in his hands


Team Honduras

Don’t be fooled…this shortstop might be camera-shy, but he sure is a slugger!

A little boy wearing a Yankees cap laughs and covers his eyes against a turqouise wall


Team Dominican Republic

Pass the peanuts and crackerjacks! These boys are patiently waiting in the bullpen for their time to shine.

Three kids wearing a red uniform wait at the sidelines


Love baseball? Meet the Major League Baseball player who is making the world a better place with his global platform!

Meet Albert

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips

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