Did you hear? The 2021 Gifts of Compassion gift guide is here! Every good gift matters in the fight against poverty and makes a difference in a child’s life. There are so many great gifts! Maybe you are asking, “But, which gift will have the biggest impact?” While all of the gifts in the Gifts of Compassion gift guide truly help children thrive, our local church partners have identified these six gifts as pressing needs for the children in their communities. So, if you are looking for impact, take their recommendation and try one of these awesome gifts.


Emergency Food Packs – $100

A woman in a patterned dress sits with a boy in a grey shirt and jeans holding packages of food

Rosalie is a single mother who has struggled to make ends meet and has become even more vulnerable due to the pandemic. Thankfully, her son Sylvain is a part of the Compassion program at their local church and they are thrilled to receive food packs during this uncertain time.

“I no longer need to beg food from neighbours because the centre has blessed me with a bag of rice, cooking oil, a box of soap, spaghetti, tomatoes, milk and biscuits. This food pack will sustain us not for a day or a week, but it will last longer than any food storage we ever had. So, I am very happy and grateful for the invaluable support of the church.”

– Rosalie, mother of six-year-old Sylvain in Burkina Faso

Give an Emergency Food Pack


Hygiene Kits – $25

A woman in red holds a blue jug of liquid soap up and smiles

As the availability of toiletries has diminished in their community, families like Mrs. Tigist’s haven’t had the resources to practice personal hygiene to combat COVID-19. The local Compassion centre distributed hygiene kits, including large jugs of liquid soap, to help keep families safe.

“What we received here today will not only save my family, but I will share it with my neighbours. During this time, if my neighbour is not careful, then my effort won’t save me. We protect each other. A single bar of soap will go a long way in protecting us all from the virus.”

– Mrs. Tigist, mother of Yeabsera Nega in Ethiopia

Give a Hygiene Kit


Small Business Support – $420

A teen in a hot pink shirt stands in front of a street-side stall.

Hazel’s family was given the resources to start a small business selling fish balls and other street food in front of their home. This small business has empowered their family to meet their needs during COVID-19.

“The support from our Compassion centre to help us start a small business at home made us realize the importance of investing in something that can sustain the needs of my family in the midst of this pandemic.”

– Hazel, 19-year-old Compassion student from the Philippines

Give Small Business Support


Computers – $100

A boy sits with blue earphones on, smiling over a computer monitor

In the community where 11-year-old Erick lives, there are no libraries or stores to buy educational materials. The computer lab that was built in their local Compassion centre has made education exciting and engaging and has improved the grades of Erick and his friends.

“I saw the impact and interest in them to be able to sit down in front of a computer, and I was thinking when else would these children have the chance to sit in front of a computer. God is blessing these children allowing them to learn the things that children are learning in the city. They are able to go further, because they didn’t have this opportunity before.”

– Pastor Marcelo, Bolivia

Give a Computer


Washrooms – $200

A girl in yellow reaches over the sink to wash her hands

When the washrooms were built at this Compassion centre in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, all of the children learned how to properly use them as well as how to practice good hygiene habits and their health significantly improved.

“They are healthy and have a good weight so the change and impact in their health, thanks to the washrooms, is evident.”

– Veronica, Compassion centre staff member in Bolivia

Give Washrooms


Vocational Training – $150

A young man in an apron cuts vegetables and smiles at the camera

Bruno’s family couldn’t afford secondary education when he completed high school which made him very sad. Through his Compassion centre, however, he was able to complete a one-year course in culinary arts and is now a chef at a hotel doing a job he loves.

“Being a chef means a lot to me and my family. It’s a massive profession and I want to become one of the best chefs in the world. I’m grateful to Compassion for shaping my career path at the time when I had lost hope. It’s an expensive course that I couldn’t have afforded without the support from my sponsor and Compassion.”

– Bruno, a Compassion student in Rwanda

Give Vocational Training


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