How Can I Pray for My Child?

“Give us this day our daily bread…”

This simple line nestled in the middle of the Lord’s Prayer is comforting and familiar. But the notion of daily bread is often overlooked in a culture where food is as available as it is plentiful. There’s food on the table, clothing on our backs, money in our pocket, and gas in the car; as long as we have an income, we can keep our worries at bay.

But for many of our sponsored children, asking God for daily bread is not a prayer born of routine thankfulness, but of desperate trust. Uncertainty is a way of life; relying on God is their only means of survival. The nutritious meal served during school hours is the only food many children receive all day. They are entirely dependent on others to survive. They are living on faith that God is listening to their prayers.

So let’s pray for them. Let’s really make our sponsored children a part of our lives and our families and our everyday thoughts. Let’s entrust them to God and see the amazing things he will do, and all because one more person decided to pray.

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Written by: Aveleen Schinkel

Aveleen is Compassion Canada's Multimedia Storyteller. Her passions include videography and photography, spending time outdoors and sampling tea from every country she travels to.