How Compassion Canada responds as COVID cases rise in low-income countries

Allison Alley talks with Bridge City News about Compassion's adaptive response to the critical needs coronavirus creates

Compassion Canada’s President and CEO chats with Hal Roberts of Bridge City News about the realities children and families living in extreme poverty face in the countries we serve in the midst of the global pandemic.

Many of the families we serve have no safety net, so when a pandemic or economic crisis hits, they face new and increased vulnerabilities. In the wide-ranging interview, Allison talks about the cascade effect of the pandemic and how Compassion, in partnership with the local church, is responding to the great need.

Topics that Hal and Allison discuss include:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted Compassion Canada and its work
  • What hurdles children and families living in poverty come up against when a pandemic hits
  • Whether or not Compassion staff have been able to visit sponsored children and what serving children in our program looks like in the midst of national lockdowns
  • The impact on medical services in the countries where we serve
  • How the virus is spreading in the countries where Compassion serves
  • How Compassion is responding to the global crisis with We Rise As One, our global response
  • What types of urgent relief the response provides, including food, hygiene, housing security, medical help and trauma counselling
  • Why Compassion Canada partners with local churches to ensure sustainable and longterm development

Written by: Compassion Canada