Ever wonder how you can encourage family members to grow in compassion? Allison Alley recently joined Sharol Josephson on the FamilyLife Podcast to talk about how parents can nurture care and understanding as a family in order to care for those who struggle to meet basic needs.

Don’t miss the inspiring, in-depth discussion in which Sharol and Allison discuss a wide range of topics, like:

  • Why Allison left the corporate world to serve in the charitable sector
  • The most rewarding and most challenging parts of leadership
  • How busy families can discover their unique gifts and live out their calling together
  • How to parent so that children can develop a heart of compassion and justice
  • How Compassion Canada is responding to the global pandemic¬†
  • Where Allison would like to see the organization go in future years
  • How, together, Canadians can Rise As One to make a real difference in the lives of children and families living in extreme poverty

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Written by: Compassion Canada