Your generous donation will offer assistance to Compassion children and their families in the areas affected.* Your donation provides immediate aid such as:

  • temporary shelter
  • medical aid
  • safe water
  • food
  • sanitation
  • clothes

Give today, and please pray for the people across the Caribbean who have lost so much to Hurricane Irma.

If your child is impacted, we will contact you directly.

*If additional money is raised beyond what is needed for this disaster, it will be used to help other Compassion-assisted children and families who become victims of a disaster.

Update, September 8, 2017

Although the eye of Hurricane Irma passed north of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, it has displaced many Compassion children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic due to heavy rain, strong winds and flooding. Our staff is distributing food to those in immediate need and are actively monitoring the situation to assess immediate and long-term needs. As always, if your child is impacted, we will contact you directly.

Written by: Compassion Canada