Thank you for your gift of Literacy Support Workshops!

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Sarah is wearing black pants and a white shirt with green around the sleeves. She is wriring on a dry erase board in her classroom.

Because of your gift of Literacy Support Workshops, a Compassion centre in Recife, Brazil will be equipped to run a specialized literacy support program for 50 students ages 12 to 20. Each student will receive individualized support to help them achieve sufficient reading and writing skills, equipping them to succeed in their other educational endeavours, too!

Gifts like Literacy Support Workshops are so important in the fight against poverty. Once the workshops are complete, full reporting on the impact of your gift will be available in February 2023 via our online intervention reports.

Thank you for supporting children and families living in poverty.

If you’d like to give again, Gifts of Compassion are available all year.

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Written by: Compassion Canada