Did you hear? The 2020 Gifts of Compassion gift guide is here! This year, your gifts matter more than ever, as millions of children are pushed deeper into poverty because of the COVID-19 crisis. There are so many great gifts! If you don’t know where start, try one of these favourites.


Chickens – $40

An 11-year-old girl holding a chicken. She is wearing an orange t-shirt.

In Mexico, 11-year-old Sayuri and her family received 12 chickens from Compassion, enabling them to produce their own food to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We need to be sustainable. COVID-19 is generating a food and economic crisis, and the best way to start preparing the families is by supporting them to produce their own food.”

– Raquel, Compassion Mexico partnership facilitator

Give a Chicken


Water Wells (Share) – $100

A 7-year-old girl in Togo wearing a pink shirt plays with water as it gushes from a pipe in a concrete wall.

In Togo, 7-year-old Grace smiles as clean water gushes from the newly drilled borehole in her community.

“I remember how I shed tears sometimes while walking miles under the sun looking for water. When we were informed that Compassion was going to bring clean water to our community, we were so joyful. This borehole is our rescue. Before, children had been falling sick at least three times a month. Since we have been consuming this water provided by Compassion, our children rarely fall sick.”

– Akouvi, mother of seven-year-old Compassion-sponsored child Grace

Give Clean Water


Mosquito Nets – $20

Two girls hugging as they sit on a bed covered in a mosquito net.

In Colombia, 5-year-old twins Maria Jose and Mariangel are now protected from deadly mosquito-borne diseases, thanks to their mosquito net provided by Compassion.

“I like the mosquito net because mosquitoes do not bite me anymore. Mosquitoes are bad and used to bite me so hard.”

– Maria Jose, 5-year-old Compassion-sponsored child

Give a Mosquito Net


Hygiene Kits – $25

A boy in a blue shirt and a girl in a pink shirt holding various hygiene items.

In El Salvador, 14-year-old Kevin and his sister Miranda show off some of the items they received in their hygiene kit from Compassion, which includes hand sanitizer, soap, toothbrushes, disinfectant and more!

“I feel blessed because the hygiene kit items help to keep me clean. The gel sanitizer kills germs and keeps us safe.”

– Kevin, 14-year-old Compassion-sponsored child

Give a Hygiene Kit


Textbooks – $40

A girl wearing a loose green top smiles as she reads a book on a brown table in front of her.

In Bangladesh, 18-year-old Ripa reads a book from the library at her Compassion centre.

“With access to all the books in the library, I have been able to read storybooks, magazines, and practice from the model test papers in my very own village. As we face the board exams, all of us senior students are very glad that the centre has thought up this innovative idea to prepare us.”

– Ripa, 18-year-old Compassion-sponsored student

Give Textbooks


Goats – $100

A girl wearing a pink shirt looks up at the goat sitting on her shoulders.

In El Salvador, 11-year-old Keysi shares about the impact the gift of a goat can make in the life of a child in poverty.

“If you are thinking about giving a goat to a child in poverty, do it! It is a great idea because it will help them grow stronger and healthier.”

– Keysi, 11-year-old Compassion-sponsored child

Give a Goat


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