My favourite thing my sponsor has written me…

You want to write your Compassion child, but you’re not sure what to say.

Have you ever felt that way? Children are so excited to receive letters from their sponsors, and they treasure your words—no matter how simple.

“It takes one word to turn a child’s life around,” says Compassion Ghana director Padmore Baffour Agyapong. “It could just be, ‘I am praying for you. God is watching over you. I believe that you can make it. I am there with you.’ These words stick in the minds of children and give them the energy to always do their best because they know a sponsor out there supports them. Out of this, they will have the hope that the future holds a lot for them.”

To get your letter-writing juices flowing, we asked children in Kenya and Ethiopia what their favourite thing is that their sponsors have ever written to them.

My favourite thing my sponsor has ever written me is…

“I love you and pray that you grow into a God-fearing woman.” Elizabeth, 10 years old, Kenya

“I like your shoes; they are cool; I think you look like a professional soccer player.” James, 5 years old, Kenya

“Tell me what it’s like in your country.” Frezer, 13 years old, Ethiopia

“Even though we are across an entire ocean from you, we will love you and pray for you from here.” Anne, 7 years old, Kenya

“You are special, and I love you so much. You are also very beautiful.” Nelius, 9 years old, Kenya

“We’re praying for you, your family and your friends.” Yehun, 13 years old, Ethiopia

“You are loved and special to me and more especially to God.” Moses, 9 years old, Kenya

“You are wonderfully made!” Joyce, 7 years old, Kenya

“We have hung up your picture in our house.” Eyerusalem, 18 years old, Ethiopia

“I feel like a proud father who is seeing you grow up so fast and so beautiful. God has a special plan for you.’’ Michelle, 8 years old, Kenya

“Happy birthday!” Yedidya, 11 years old, Ethiopia

‘’It is good for you to learn and grow in Christ. Your future is in Christ.’’ Samuel, 18 years old, Kenya


Are you ready to get writing? Go to to write a letter today! We know your child will love it, no matter what you say.

Field reporting and photos by Isaac Ogila and Nathnael Assefa

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