Still looking for the perfect Gift of Compassion to give on behalf of your loved ones this Christmas? If so, perhaps one of this year’s new gifts will be just right for you.

Read all about them below and consider giving one of these good gifts today.


1. Mental Health Support

Bethlehem, a Ethiopian teenage girl, is wearing a turquoise blue shirt and a brown scarf around her head. She is sitting outside under a wooden shelter.

During the pandemic, so many of us struggled with mental health and wellness in ways we never had before—and that was no different for children and youth living in poverty.

Mental health support has always been a key priority of Compassion’s holistic child development efforts. Now, through this gift, you can intentionally give to help provide mental health support to kids and youth as the need for it is as prevalent as ever.

Your gift supports local Compassion centre staff as they help kids and youth learn about mental wellness and access professional support and counselling when needed.

Give Mental Health Support

2. Financial Literacy Training

A group of adults in a classroom in Kenya.

Many families stay trapped in poverty because caregivers didn’t complete primary education and as a result are vulnerable to being cheated or trapped in crippling debt. This is exacerbated when caregivers start their own businesses in order to cultivate a sustainable income for their family.

Financial literacy training is a powerful way to combat this and equip caregivers for entrepreneurship or the workforce. You gift enables local church partners to run financial literacy workshops for members of their communities.

Give Financial Literacy Training

3. Hospitality Training (online exclusive!)

An Asian woman wearing a yellow t-shirt and apron shows a bowl she is stirring.

As Compassion-sponsored youth near the end of their time in the Compassion program, ensuring that they graduate with skills to earn an income is a top priority. In Indonesia, the hospitality industry provides many opportunities for young people to start a fulfilling career.

When you give this gift, you will help 30 students complete a one-year hospitality and culinary program run by a local 4-star resort and spa in Central Java, Indonesia. The program includes bilingual, in-class learning and a 6-month internship, equipping students for careers in the hospitality industry.

P.S. This gift is an online exclusive, which means you won’t find it in our physical print gift guide, but you can give via our online gift guide or by calling our friendly team.

Give Hospitality Training


More than ever, your good gifts matter in the fight against poverty.

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Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa is Compassion Canada's Manager of Content and Public Relations, telling stories that inspire and equip Jesus followers to live compassionate lifestyles. She is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, where she studied International Development.