Thank you for your gift of a Newborn Care Package!

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A mother and father sit on a bed smile down at their baby bundled in blankets

Because of your gift of a Newborn Care Package, a new mother will be supported with basic supplies to properly care for her newborn such as blankets, soap, lotion and diapers. This hand-delivered gift from Compassion centre staff helps new caregivers know they are supported, loved and not alone. 

Receiving the essentials to properly care for their newborns, parents like Tiruwork and Enyew in Ethiopia are able to experience the joy of their little ones without fear.

Additionally, the gift of a Newborn Care Package is part of the Moms and Babies Fund, which provides tangible care and life-saving support to moms and babies living in poverty during the most critical time of life. This includes pre-natal care, health checkups for both mother and baby, critical medical care, food for malnourished moms and babies, and the essentials for newborns.

Thank you.

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Written by: Compassion Canada