Compassion Canada’s Gifts of Compassion catalogue is an invitation for Canadians to make big impact through small but targeted giving.

The campaign which invites Canadians to outlove poverty, is a practical way for individuals to make substantial impact in the lives of children and their families living in poverty around the world.

“Canadians are known for their generosity,” says Allison Alley, President and CEO of Compassion Canada. “Last year, through our Gifts of Compassion catalogue nearly 4,000 Canadians gave more than 12,000 gifts to children and their families around the world. The impact of that giving was direct, and meant children were protected from infectious diseases, gained access to clean water through new wells and were given life-changing economic opportunities, to name just a few.”

This year, the Gifts of Compassion catalogue features unique ways to help alleviate poverty and give children at risk to violence and disease critical support.  The gift of a Safe Playground is designed to help children living in areas riddled with gang violence the ability to play without fear on safe playground equipment at their local Compassion centre.

Washrooms and Hygiene Training gifts will help ensure that children have access to sanitary bathrooms in their communities and places to learn proper hygiene practices, thus decreasing their vulnerability to infectious diseases. Water gifts through Compassion Canada support the United Nations Development Goal of Clean Water and Sanitation.

The Gifts of Compassion catalogue has something for everyone and can be given in honour of a loved one: gifts for the Art and Music lover, the family member known for being Eco-Friendly or an advocate for Sustainable Enterprise, or the friend that’s passionate about justice issues.

“As Canadians consider end-of-year giving, we invite them to outlove poverty through a Gift of Compassion, and in so doing, help transform the life of a child living in poverty,” says Alley.

Individuals who want to join Compassion Canada to outlove poverty can visit to learn more and discover their unique way to give.

Written by: Compassion Canada