Pray + Education for Kids

Use this simple four-week guide to lead you through praying for education

As you’ve learned about education’s role in the fight against poverty, no doubt you’ve seen the magnitude of the need and also the significance of the impact education can have in the lives of children in poverty. We want to invite you to be praying for the needs and impact related to education through this four-week prayer guide.


A boy in a grey shirt folds his hands in prayer under a mosquito net

Week 1: Pray about pandemic-related impacts on education

  • For the additional 101 million children who have fallen below minimum reading proficiency levels due to the pandemic: that they would have the confidence and opportunity to continue their learning.
  • For students and teachers as they continue to adjust to new learning contexts and eventually transition back to in-person classrooms.
  • For safe and healthy transitions back to in-person learning, including provision for the needed resources to safely return to in-person school (such as hand washing stations).


A girl in a white dress stands praying under a blue sky

Week 2: Pray for girls’ education

  • For the estimated 11 million girls who could drop out of school for good because of the pandemic: for protection and empowerment.
  • For protection from child marriage, early pregnancy and exploitation and abuse.
  • That parents, caregivers and communities would see the value of keeping girls in school.


A teenager in a grey shirt prays on a bench

Week 3: Pray for teachers, educators and parents

  • For wisdom, patience and renewed strength in and as we emerge from an exhausting season of teaching during the pandemic.
  • For provision and resources for everything teachers and parents need to give students fruitful educational experiences
  • For grace and gentleness as we continue to navigate changing learning realities due to the pandemic.


A girl in a pink sweater prays in front of a white wall

Week 4: Pray for Compassion’s education initiatives

  • For students in vocational training: that they would find joy and fulfillment in their learning and that the skills they learn would equip them well for careers and a future free from poverty.
  • For students receiving academic scholarships: that their experiences in higher education would be enriching and that they would gain fulfilling opportunities as they pursue their careers.
  • For computer labs and libraries at Compassion centres: that these would be spaces of learning, safety and opportunity where children and youth are able to take significant steps out of poverty.

Written by: Compassion Canada