Pray + Moms & Babies

Use this simple four-week guide to lead you through praying for this need

When you were learning about moms and babies, you would have seen just how critical it is to meet their needs in order for them to thrive. Whenever the need is great, we need people to pray.  

Set aside some time for four weeks to pray for this need and the mothers and babies in poverty around the world. We have included prayer points for each of the four weeks that follow along with the themes you learned about and the content you can share with others. We know that your prayers influence the heart of God to move on behalf of babies and their caregivers—what incredible impact prayer has! 

A boy in a grey shirt folds his hands in prayer under a mosquito net

Week One: Mothers and Caregivers 

  • Pray for mothers who are facing challenging circumstances  
  • Pray for mothers who are facing health challenges 
  • Pray for the caregivers who step in when a mother is unable to care for her baby 
  • Pray for churches to continue doing the work of supporting mothers both during pregnancy and after 

A girl in a white dress stands praying under a blue sky

Week Two: Babies and Young Children 

  • Pray that the newborn babies would have all they need to survive the critical first 28 days of life 
  • Pray for babies and young children facing health complications
  • Pray that babies and young children will have the proper nutrition to thrive 

A teenager in a grey shirt prays on a bench

Week Three: Healthcare and Education 

  • Pray that both mothers and babies will have access to quality healthcare
  • Pray that mothers will be educated on all that they need to care for their babies 
  • Pray for the families that cannot afford medical attention when mothers and babies need it most 

A girl in a pink sweater prays in front of a white wall

Week Four: Impact 

  • Pray for the volunteers who are fundraising to meet this need 
  • Pray for the volunteers who are educating and sharing with others about this need 
  • Pray for the resources to meet this critical need  
  • Pray blessing over the Canadians who have given resources to help moms and babies survive 

Written by: Compassion Canada