Thank you for your gift of Pre-Natal Health!

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A pregnant woman in a dress sits on a hospital bed while a nurse takes her blood pressure

Because of your gift of Pre-Natal Health, an expecting mother will be provided with the resources to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery such as medical care and regular check-ups, proper nutrition and the education she needs to welcome a healthy baby into the world.

For many women in poverty, access to pre-natal resources, education and healthcare makes all the difference in their pregnancies and deliveries. For Hadija in Uganda, it changed her story from one of despair to one of hope.

Additionally, the gift of a Newborn Care Package is part of the Moms and Babies Fund, which provides tangible care and life-saving support to moms and babies living in poverty during the most critical time of life. This includes pre-natal care, health checkups for both mother and baby, critical medical care, food for malnourished moms and babies, and the essentials for newborns.

Thank you.

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Written by: Compassion Canada