Share your story with a picture

This year, we’re celebrating Compassion Canada’s 50th Birthday! Supporters over the last five decades have invested in the lives of their sponsored children—praying for them, encouraging them with letters and helping them climb out of poverty and teach others to do the same.

That’s a big deal.

We want to show just how much of an impact your sponsorships have had—both for the children and for all our faithful supporters here in Canada. Each story is different, and we’d love to hear yours.

What better way to share your story than with a photo?

Whether you’ve had the opportunity to meet your sponsored child in person or you’re still hoping to someday, send us a picture that has both of you in it! It can be you and your child during a visit to their country or one of you holding a photograph of your sponsored child—as long as you’re both in the picture.

Send your photo(s) to Please include:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your contact information
  3. The names of those appearing in the photo.

(Don’t worry—this information will not be posted or published. It’s just handy if we need to contact you.)

We’ll create an album on our Facebook page where you can view pictures from other sponsors across the country. It’s your community, so ask questions, share stories, and celebrate our 50th birthday along with us!

We’ll also share your photo during our birthday party later this year. After all, without you, we wouldn’t be here!

Written by: Aveleen Schinkel

Aveleen is Compassion Canada's Multimedia Storyteller. Her passions include videography and photography, spending time outdoors and sampling tea from every country she travels to.