We love that we are able to be part of the ministry of so many amazing Canadians! Here is just one of your stories that inspired us this year.

After returning from a mission trip in Uganda and meeting their Compassion child, the Soh family in Oakville, Ontario, felt convicted that it was time to downsize their home so they would have more time and resources to serve others.

But in the competitive Toronto real estate market, the Sohs weren’t sure how they would fare in a bidding war. When they found the house they wanted to call home, they wrote a letter to the sellers, saying:

Last summer our family went on a mission trip to Africa for six weeks. We enjoyed every moment together, we shared the gospel and were able to witness the love of Christ to many. We visited with widows, went to orphanages, slums, villages and taught in schools… We came home changed.

When the nameless faces that we hear about in the news become our friends and when their stories now become a part of our story we find ourselves looking at things differently. It has redefined what we hold dear to our hearts and what our children would consider a need vs. a want.

Since we returned from our trip we hear ourselves saying ‘we can’t forget… we need to do something’ and so in November one of things we felt lead [sic] to do is sell our home. Our desire is to downsize and live simply so others may simply live.

The sellers took the bid—even though it was $150,000 below the highest offer. We love how God honoured this family’s desire to serve and be generous for Him, no matter what the market in Toronto is like!

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Written by: Amber Van Schooneveld

Amber Van Schooneveld is the Managing Editor of Compassion International's blog.