These stories, our most-read of the year, will end your year with a renewed sense of possibility and a fresh passion to keep fighting for children!

No. 1:  Announcing the Next President and CEO of Compassion Canada

Yeah, we’re pretty excited about this. If you haven’t yet, you’ve got to read more about our inspiring next leader!

No. 2: Where do you get your water? 8 photos from around the world

Step into the shoes of families from Thailand to Brazil to see what getting water is like for those living in poverty. (And if you still need to give a charitable donation before the end of the year, safe water is an AMAZING idea.)

No. 3: Shakul—the story behind the striking face

Shakul stole all our hearts. A sneak peek from his wise grandmother: “My son called me and said they had given birth to a son, but he was sick and had different colours. I told him that it was ok because that is how God created him.” Love.

No. 4: A horrific attack by fire: one year later

Steven’s story of bullying and resilience will make you cry, hope and see the power of God’s mercy.

A boy sits in a hospital bed wrapped in a blanket

No. 5: 12 boys and their coach rescued from flooded Thailand cave

The whole world held its breath and prayed for the boys in the cave—including us. We loved hearing how the Church in Thailand shined so brightly with practical care for the rescuers and the boys!

No. 6: Help these miracle triplets have the best birthday ever!

In July of this year, our fabulous readers helped to fund a new home for these triplets and eight other families! Construction began this month!

A woman in a long dress stands outside of her home made of thatched roof and mud walls.

This proud mama, Evelyne, is one of the moms receiving a safe, hygienic home for her six children, thanks to our generous readers!

No. 7: Born with limb difference, this is how Grace lives without limits

New. Hero. “You are not a mistake. You were created by God and you have a purpose. That purpose has a significant place on this earth. You have a contribution to make.”

No. 8: After genocide: an astonishing story of forgiveness and redemption

When we got to meet Jean Paul in person, his story overwhelmed us. We hope it brings you hope in God’s healing and redemption too!

No. 9: The unexpected way men are combatting period poverty in Uganda

These churches in Uganda are defeating taboos surrounding menstruation to ensure girls stay in school, while providing a way to earn an income. So much to love about this story.

No. 10: This remarkable 15-year-old stopped her own wedding

We are so incredibly thankful for the community who allied with brave Ratna as she stood for her rights to a childhood.


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Written by: Amber Van Schooneveld

Amber Van Schooneveld is the Managing Editor of Compassion International's blog.