The last days of Jesus: a new Easter devotional


The events of Easter are among the most important in the Christian faith—the death and resurrection of Jesus, which brought about the end of our separation from God and gave those who believe the promise of new life! To help you prepare to celebrate this important day, we’ve created this devotional: The last days of Jesus: eight readings through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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You might wonder why we would create a resource like this. The reason is simple: the faith of our supporters—your faith—really matters to us.

As a ministry, one of our values is being Christ-centred. That means we really love Jesus—we think the truth about Jesus is the most important thing anyone can know and experience. This is why we’re committed to sharing the gospel with the children and families we serve around the world, and it’s why we’re committed to encouraging our supporters in Canada in their faith as well.

We’d encourage you to read these devotionals in one of two ways:

  1. Download the PDF and read at home (Print it out or view it on your eReader.)
  2. Visit us here at each day from April 13–April 20, 2014, to read the latest entry.

We pray these daily readings will be a blessing to you and your family as you prepare your hearts to celebrate the good news of Easter.

Download the devotional

Written by: Aaron Armstrong

Aaron is the author of several books, including Awaiting a Savior: The Gospel, the New Creation and the End of Poverty.