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Words by Alyssa Esparaz

Last year, around this time, I had just come home from a trip to Ethiopia and I was trying to sort out what Christmas means in a world of stories like the ones I heard on my trip.

I came home to a plastic Christmas tree on the baggage claim carousel and tinsel hanging in the airport’s long corridors.

By the time all the bags had gone past me on the baggage claim and I knew mine wasn’t coming, I was too travel-weary to even cry travel-weary tears. I went to the customer service counter, filled out the forms and walked out to arrivals, thankful to see my dad, who had a warm hug and my winter coat for me.

The whole time, the words of a single mama back in Ethiopia were ringing in my head: I’m alive because of Compassion.

Tigist, Alyssa and Yeabsira in front of Tigist and Yeabsira's home.

A story of strength and survival

We had multiple interviews to do that morning with several beneficiaries of Compassion’s program in Addis Ababa, so we decided to split up. I was welcomed into the home of Tigist and Yeabsira, a dynamic mom and daughter duo.

We sat in their one-room home, and Tigist told me her story. It soon became clear to me that I was sitting in the presence of a miracle.

“I was preparing to leave my daughter orphaned. My child would be a street child,” Tigist said.

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Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa is Compassion Canada's Manager of Content and Public Relations, telling stories that inspire and equip Jesus followers to live compassionate lifestyles. She is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, where she studied International Development.