Today, as you read this, thousands of people are fleeing Venezuela as refugees.  They’re leaving their homes and will arrive in the border city of Cucuta, Colombia.

The UN describes this as the largest exodus in the region’s recent history. Its a gut-wrenching humanitarian crisis.

But it can have a hopeful ending. Just like it did for our friend Jesús, who, along with his family, is among the more than 4.5 million Venezuelans who’ve fled their country due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.  

With your gift, our church partners in Cucuta, Colombia will be given the resources they need to provide refugee families with much needed food, shelter, medicine and other basic needs 

Will you help us reach our urgent goal of $80,000 to help the thousands of families seeking shelter and refuge? 

A teenage boy stands in a wooden shack. He smiles, happily.

Venezuelan teenager Jesús at a Compassion Centre in Cucuta, Colombia

That’s what happened for Jesus and his family.  When they arrived at a Compassion centre in Colombia, the family received food, medical assistance and were protected from the violence and abuse that migrant families are vulnerable to. The tangible love of Jesus that the church showed changed their story of despair into a story of hope.


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Written by: Compassion Canada