As advocates for children and the poor, we know the most vulnerable always suffer the most when conflict erupts. In addition to the obvious risk of lost lives, military conflict can also disrupt food and water distribution channels, interfere with access to medical care, eliminate jobs, destroy infrastructure, interrupt education and tear families apart. We continue to pray and join the calls for peace in our world today.


Pray with us

  • For every child caught in the middle of the arrows that are flying by day and the terrors of night. May they feel the comfort and peace of Your presence, O Lord. May those that surround them become an extension of Your Hands of refuge and safety. (Psalm 91)
  • For the families that are fleeing, those that have fled and those who remain amid the uncertainties. May they be strengthened and filled with courage. May they be reminded that God goes with them; that He will never leave nor forsake them. (Deuteronomy 31:6)
  • For the hungry, weary and despairing. May they be reminded that the Lord will answer them in distress, He will protect them and send them help and support. (Psalm 20)
  • For the leaders of the world, may they be filled with wisdom, discernment, understanding and unity. (Psalm 133:1)

Specific needs we can be praying for:

Prayers sourced from Open Doors, Christianity Today and SEND.

Prayers for the protection of families
  • For safety of many children and parents who will spend another night in bomb shelters, metro stations or on the roads to safer places.
  • For wisdom for parents to know how to shepherd the hearts of their children through this very dark and challenging season.
  • For families who remain behind to continue to serve others who need help.
  • For those who have lost loved ones as cities suffer daily bombardment.
Prayers for abundant supply of food and critical supplies
  • For logistics of getting funds and humanitarian aid to churches and refugee camps so they continue to have food, medicine and other supplies.
  • For the opening of corridors both for evacuation and humanitarian aid around cities under attack in Ukraine.
  • For many people in these cities that are without heat and electricity.
  • For many volunteers who are setting up camps for refugees, so that they will have necessary funds, places for accommodation, and physical strength to serve.
Prayers for the Church (Body of Christ)
  • For protection of lives and also church buildings that were built so sacrificially for years.
  • For many to discover that Jesus is the only true source of peace, safety, comfort, truth and freedom.
  • For many pastors leading their flocks at this critical time of decision and risk.
  • For many churches that opened their doors to neighbors offering food and shelter.
  • For believers to stay strong, continue trusting the Lord and not to give in to panic, fear and desperation.
Prayers for relief and restoration
  • For supernatural physical, mental and spiritual restoration during short and fearful nights of sleep.
  • For deliverance from post-traumatic stress especially for the youth.
  • For miracles, that as God meets the physical needs of people, they will also be filled with His peace.
  • For strength and courage in leadership on all fronts (families, government and businesses).
Prayers for God's intervention in the war
  • For violence and conflict to end, and that leaders on all sides would pursue diplomacy and peace.
  • For God to do a miraculous work that will help everyone overcome divisions and that His power would be visible to all.

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Response in Ukraine

Compassion does not have programming in Ukraine or Eastern Europe. We know many of our supporters are being moved to respond by giving to support response efforts in the region.

Mennonite Central Committee Canada is accepting donations for their response in Ukraine. While Compassion Canada is not affiliated with MCC, we share in our Christ-centred identity and also share the value of locally-led responses to crisis. MCC has been working in Ukraine since their beginnings in 1920.

Compassion Canada is also thankful for the opportunity to link arms with friends in ministry working in Ukraine and the surrounding region. These organizations are all fellow members of Kentro Christian Network (formerly CCRDA) and also share in our Christ-centred identity and focus on children and families in need.

Compassion Canada has made financial contributions in response to proposals received from each of the above ministries to support their emergency efforts in response to the conflict in Ukraine, as a way to promote peace and stand with the vulnerable in the midst of this crisis. We are thankful to have been in the position to make these financial contributions from our reserves. At Compassion Canada, we believe in sectoral collaboration and are honoured to support the work of other organizations who meet critical needs, especially for children and families in crises.

“We are grateful to be able to stand with these organizations who are even now rushing to assist children and families at risk from the conflict, as together we bear witness to the love of Christ, advancing the Kingdom of God in ensuring children are known, loved and protected in their hour of direst need,” says Jamie McIntosh, Compassion Canada’s Executive Director of Partner Relations.

We know when conflict erupts in a country, it is the children, the poor and their families who suffer most. We are thankful for the work each of these ministries is doing to serve children and families in this time.


“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.”

– 2 Thessalonians 3:16


Feature photo by Marjan Blan

Compassion Canada

Compassion Canada