Thank you for your gift of Vocational Training!

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Because of your gift of Vocational Training, 400 students in Burkina Faso will be provided with the learning materials and tuition fees to complete a three-month vocational training program. These students will gain employable skills such as hairdressing, sewing, electrical work, welding, carpentry, plumbing, mechanics or IT support.

Vocational Training helps students like Oned in Colombia pursue their dreams and sets them up for futures free from poverty.

Oned in Colombia was able to start a barber shop in his home thanks to the support of Compassion.

Education gifts are so important in the fight against poverty. A full report on the impact of your gift will be available in December 2022 via our online intervention reports.

Thank you for supporting youth living in poverty.

If you’d like to give again, Gifts of Compassion are available all year.

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Written by: Compassion Canada