Welcome to the new Compassion.ca

What we did and why we did it

When we decided to reinvent our website, we knew we had to take seriously the fact that people use the web in a dramatically different way than they used to.

Think about it:

  • Today, over one billion people actively use Facebook every month.
  • 72 hours worth of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • 60 images are uploaded to Instagram every second.

People are creating, sharing, and interacting with more content than ever before. At Compassion, we believe our ministry is something worth talking about. That’s why we chose to focus on three key areas:

  • Sharing great stories
  • Giving a great experience
  • Offering great opportunities to help children

Great stories. We love how God is using Compassion’s ministry to change lives—and not just the lives of people in the developing world, but right here in Canada. We’ve built this site to share great stories and content with you. On the new compassion.ca, you’ll read:

  • Stories of people overcoming the lies of poverty and discovering the hope the gospel brings to those trapped within it.
  • Stories about what God is doing in the lives of Canadians through their relationships with their sponsored child.
  • Important updates about Compassion’s ministry and how you can help us release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Great experience.  We’ve developed this new website with you in mind. We want sponsoring with Compassion to be a great experience. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to:

Great Opportunities to help children. The needs of children are great, but so are the opportunities to serve them. You can be a part of what God’s doing in the lives of children and families around the world. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to respond to the needs of children by:

Great content, great experiences and great opportunities to change the lives of children around the world in Jesus’ name:

Welcome to the new compassion.ca.

Aaron Armstrong

Aaron Armstrong

Aaron is the author of several books, including Awaiting a Savior: The Gospel, the New Creation and the End of Poverty.