What’s in my backpack?

This week, kids across Canada are heading back to school, many with new Moana or Cars backpacks, excited for the year ahead. Around the world, Compassion kids are also heading to school thanks to the support of their sponsors. Take a peek at what’s inside some of their school bags!

Here’s 7-year-old Reine from Badja, Togo. Her mom is a seamstress, and her dad is a motorcycle taxi driver. Reine’s favourite subject is math.

What's in Reine's School Bag? Photo Essay

In her school bag, she has chalk, rulers, pencils, books, workbooks and a math kit. At the beginning of each school year, Compassion provides school supplies to children. But because her centre is new, she hasn’t received new school supplies yet.

Here’s 8-year-old Aparna from Kerala, India. She’s from a tribal group, and her parents both work as agricultural labourers.

Aparna's School Bag

In her school bag, she has school books, workbooks, a pencil case, an abacus and a plate for lunch, which the government school provides.

Aparna's School Bag

This is 11-year-old Joseph. He walks 15 minutes to get to his school in Kiserian, Kenya. At his school, there is a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:90.

What's in Joseph's School Bag?

In his school bag, he has workbooks, pencils, a pencil sharpener, a geometry case, a lunch box, water and tea.

What's in Joseph's School Bag?

Meet 12-year-old Cyrene. She lives in a grassy field about a kilometre from her school in the tiny town of Lazi, Philippines. Classes start at 7 am, and she takes a moto-tricycle to get there.

What's in Cyrene's School Bag?

In her bag, she has books, workbooks, pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser and a ruler, all of which she got through Compassion. Her backpack is a hand-me-down from her sister and her mother sewed it together so she could keep using it.

What's in Cyrene's School Bag?

Our prayer is that each child, from Canada to Kenya, would have the opportunities and encouragement they need to reach their God-given potential!


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Field reporting by Bernard Gbagba, Compassion Togo, Jayaseelan Enos, Compassion India, Silas Irungu, Compassion Kenya, and Edwin Estioko, Compassion Philippines

Written by: Compassion Canada