When I grow up…

Each year, we have been so blessed by our supporters’ generosity through our annual gift guide. Last year, you made sure infants in Uganda got vaccinated, you built a playground in Ethiopia and you helped moms in Ecuador start animal-breeding businesses!

Compassion makes sure that so many different needs in a child’s life are met so that they can grow up to be all God intended. Children are empowered to dream and wonder—“What might I be or do when I grow up?” That’s what this year’s gift guide is all about.

Each gift will help children grow up healthy and learn to dream and plan for their future. You can help youth in Colombia learn entrepreneurial skills. You can help kids in El Salvador play soccer. You can help children in Peru get dental care.

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The gift guide also includes a fun story that parents can read with their kids and include them in the experience. In fact, family entertainer and Compassion artist Dan Bursey even recorded it as a song! We’re offering Dan’s song, “What could I be” to you as a free download when you give a gift so you can sing and dance to it as a family—and discuss how God has a unique plan for our lives. Have a listen:

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So, this Christmas buy a gift for a child living in poverty and help them say along with the song: “When I grow up, I know just what I’ll be; I’ll be the one God had in mind when he created me!”

Written by: Compassion Canada