Children treasure the letters you write to them. They are a foundation of encouragement and hope in their lives. Don’t believe us? Check out where a few sponsored children from around the world keep their letters!

In a collage above my bed

A boy sits infront of a red boad covered in pictures and letters. He smiles at the camera.

“For my birthday, my mom put my sponsors’ letters and pictures on the wall. She also included pictures of my family. I can see my sponsors every day on the wall and it makes me happy. There are pictures of my sponsors’ children, who are like my siblings. I love my sponsors.” Camilo, 7, Colombia

In a cooking pot

Boy sits infront of his home with an ornate container open. Inside are letters and colouring books.

“My mother stores my sponsors’ letters in a big dish with a cover. Mice and termites cannot destroy my letters in this container. Sponsor letters are my treasure that I cherish. I love the photo of Spiderman and a cheetah they sent me as well as many drawing books.” Souleymane, 9, Burkina Faso

In a pink gift bag

A girl stands at the top of a set of stairs overlooking city. She's holding pink bag full of paper and letters.

“I keep my sponsors’ letters in a pink gift bag. To me every sponsor letter is a gift and I value each one. The letters mean so much to me because they tell me who I am to them. They tell me their feelings and I feel close to them every time I receive a letter.” Alexandra, 12, Peru

In a suitcase with my most important documents

A teenage girl sits on here bed. She's wearing a red blouse and is looking through an open suitcase that is full of letters.

“I keep my letters in a small suitcase together with my important documents like school records and my birth certificate. My letters are safer in this suitcase than somewhere else in the house and I love to read them very often.” Mariam, 16, Burkina Faso

In a shoebox I decorated

A little girl sits in a kitchen holding a shoe box full of letters and gifts from her sponors.

“I keep my sponsors’ letters in a shoebox that my aunt helped me decorate. My sponsors’ letters are a demonstration of love, and I like it when they send stickers. They make me feel special with their words. They love me, and I love them too.” Kimberly, 9, El Salvador

In a traditional handwoven basket

A girl holds woven bag containing her sponor letters. She's wearing a pink shirt and standing outside.

“I keep my sponsors’ letters inside a basket with important things. They are the most special things for me. When I grow up, I will have those souvenirs and remember my sponsor!” Saily, 6, Guatemala

On display on a poster I made

A girl stands infront of a blue, corrigated metal wall and holds up a poster made out of all her sponsors letters.

“I delicately pin my sponsors’ letters onto a foam board. Each time I receive one, I rearrange them all. It reminds me of my sponsors and that I love them very much. The words they wrote to me when my dad passed away last year were very comforting and help me to get through this hard time.”Joscelyn, 10, El Salvador

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Photos and reporting by Lina Marcela Alarcón, Nora Diaz, Edwin Estioko, Betsy Grandez, Isi Salazar and Jehojakim Sangare

Written by: Compassion Canada