Our world has been irrevocably changed. The needs that existed before the pandemic have been compounded by the staggering needs emerging due to the pandemic.  

We have all been undeniably marked by the past two years and have wondered how we could ever emerge from this season—together. The world is still desperately grasping for the good. How can we find it, grasp it, hold on to it, cultivate it?  

Bring Compassion to your classroom.

We know that you have wrestled with these questions and the reality of the need in the world around us. That is why we are inviting your school or class to learn and respond to a specific need in this season. We can’t take on every need but we can make a difference by recognizing the good gifts we have been given and in turn, give good gifts to extend goodness to those who need it most. 

So, we are taking account of every good gift we have—good neighbours, good deeds, good lives and the Good News that Jesus is God come to be with us—and we are putting it into action. Together, we want to give good gifts that help lift families out of poverty in Jesus’ name.   

Join us in a unique opportunity to “choose your own adventure” and make an impact.   

You are invited as a school to learn about and respond to one of three needs that have been identified as critical in this season: moms and babies, washrooms and education. 

We believe good gifts, good deeds and ultimately the Good News can change the world. Do you? 

Children in a classroom. Image says education. A mother holding her baby. Image says moms and babies. Image of some boys outside a washroom. Image says washroom.

Compassion Canada

Compassion Canada