Help children and families impacted by COVID-19

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Help children and families impacted by COVID-19

Their survival depends on it

For children living in extreme poverty, everything about COVID-19 is magnified: the risk, the fear, the uncertainty, the life-and-death realities. But together, we will rise as one to protect the world’s most vulnerable and provide desperately needed food, housing stability and hygiene supplies.

Food Kit


  • Can provide a family with*:

  • 4 week food kit

  • Kit includes rice, eggs, meat, milk and non-perishables.

Essential needs kit


  • Can provide a family with*:

  • 4 week food kit

  • 4 week hygiene kit

  • Medical screenings

Community impact kit


  • Can provide*:

  • 500 children with hygiene kits

  • Includes hand sanitizer, soap, vitamins and supplements, household cleaning supplies and protective masks.

Give what you can

Every dollar helps. Your generous donation of any amount will ensure that children and families impacted by COVID-19 receive much-needed relief and will be directed where needed most.

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Together we are
making a difference

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Yonatan, a 25-year-old Compassion alumnus, teaches tailoring at his former Compassion centre. With activities at the centre cancelled and a huge shortage of supplies facing his community, Yonatan is using his tailoring skills to sew face masks for his community to help protect it from COVID-19.

Read Yonatan’s story
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Burkina Faso

COVID-19 turned life upside down for Guiniko, a hard-working single mother of three in Burkina Faso. So Compassion stepped in to help, providing much-needed food after Guiniko spent her last paycheque when the hotel where she works was closed because of the lock down.

Read Guinko’s story

Help restore what COVID-19 destroyed

Help provide for a family in poverty today. Your gift will help provide critical needs like food, medical care and housing support during the pandemic.

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Do you, your church or business want to direct a larger gift or fundraise to support Compassion’s COVID-19 response?

Email one of our team members.

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Our approach:

Relief that’s targeted to actual needs

Your gifts will be directed to meet urgent needs identified by the community itself.

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Effective, local response strategies that adapt as the crisis evolves

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Contextualized support so communities receive the help they actually need

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Relief-focused during the crisis, with a commitment to long-term sustainability

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Family focused

Focused on household and food security, child protection and health needs

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No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.