Dear COVID-19, You may push us. But you won’t knock us down.

We rise as one wordmark

Join us in protecting the most vulnerable.

This pandemic has made some of us feel alone, small, even powerless. But there is strength in numbers. When we act as one, we unlock the potential for amazing things to happen.

We’re inviting you to rise as one with the Church around the world. To join a mission bigger than ourselves. To stand together to do everything we can to protect the world’s most vulnerable children. To care for those COVID-19 is seeking to destroy.

We’re leaning on our greatest asset to combat COVID-19: the consistent, steady presence of the local church that was faithfully serving before, during and after COVID-19. With your gift, you are equipping the local church to provide immediate relief to the most vulnerable among us. The local church knows the names and faces of the children, families and communities they serve. Wherever the need is the greatest, the local church is ready for action and empowered to serve those at highest risk.

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COVID-19, you can try to separate us, but you won’t be successful.

Your gift to Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund can help vulnerable children and families survive this crisis. With your help, Compassion’s local church partners can respond immediately to the most critical needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing desperately needed food, hygiene supplies and housing security.

Food Relief


Your $100 gift can help supply a family with a 4-week food package of essentials like rice, eggs, meat, milk, and corn, and other non-perishable dry goods.*

Food, health and hygiene


Your $250 gift can help provide a family with a food and hygiene kit of essentials for 4 weeks, plus medical screenings for general health needs or individuals with COVID-19 symptoms.*

Community protection


Your $5,000 gift can help provide more than 500 children with hygiene supplies, including hand sanitizer, soap, vitamins and supplements, household cleaning supplies and protective masks.*

Do you, your church, or business want to direct a larger gift or fundraise to support Compassion’s COVID-19 response?

Connect with one of our team members.

*Your gifts will be delivered through local churches around the world by staff members in the field who know the immediate needs of each child registered with Compassion, as well as their families and communities.

*All suggested amounts are based on early indications of the needs we’re seeing in our field countries. The amounts are illustrative and intended to provide an idea of how funds are being used; they do not guarantee that an individual gift will go to that specific use. All gifts will be used to meet the most critical needs of millions of children in poverty, as well as their families and communities around the world.

When the world is in crisis,

As the world reels in chaos, we take heart. While others fall prey to fear, we hold on to our hope. Right now, the world needs us more than ever.

The health of even the highest-income nations have been pushed to the limits by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lower-income nations, like the countries where Compassion works, are far less equipped to deal with its consequences. They require additional support to ensure stability.

Together, with the local church around the world we can stand together to help the children, families, and communities that COVID-19 is seeking to destroy.

See how, with your help, we’re making a difference.

About Compassion

Compassion Canada is a global leader in connecting children who live in extreme poverty to the resources and education they need so that they develop healthy bodies, minds, souls and relationships. For more than 60 years, we have served children living in extreme poverty where needs are the greatest, no matter the child’s background or faith. We work through local churches because their staff and volunteers are best equipped to provide care and continuity to children, families and communities. Today, Compassion serves more than 2.1 million children around the world, helping to release them from poverty in Jesus’ name.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.