What is a Compassion project?

February 22, 2013 11:35 am

Compassion’s holistic child development program activities take place at church-based child development centres or “projects”. Sometimes activities take place in the church building or the church may have another facility designated for the child development centre. Each centre is within a 30-minute walk of the homes of the children it serves.

Program activities vary in detail according to the culture, environment, or needs of the area where the individual centres are located. However, there are common elements in all Compassion child development centres which ensure that all Compassion-assisted children are given the greatest opportunity to be released from spiritual, economic, social, emotional and physical poverty.

Each child development centre:

Meets on a regular basis.
Uses the facilities of the local church partner through which the program operates.
Provides a programmed curriculum of activities for registered and sponsored children.
Has a committee which provides local accountability and support.
Has a director employed by the church to manage the day-to-day activities.
Employs staff and volunteers selected by the local church.
Operates under Compassion International’s carefully monitored standards and guidelines. 
Provides reasonable levels of safety for children relative to the realities of the surrounding community.

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Please contact our office. We would be happy to check this for you and set one up if necessary.

You can also view this information through your MyCompassion account, under Sponsorship and then Gifts. If one is not setup, we would be happy to set one up for you if you contact our office or you can set one up yourself through our website. Click here to setup an annual automatic birthday gift donation.

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While we cannot speak for other organizations, Compassion’s approach to child sponsorship is to develop people from birth to adulthood, which means we need to address the specific needs of the individual to give them the best opportunity to achieve their God-given potential. Our sponsorship rates reflect this. To learn more about what sponsorship provides, click here.

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