Yes, we can make this happen for you. We would need the contact information for the friend or family member so that we can give them the picture and profile of the child they are starting to sponsor. If the friend or family member was willing, we could still have the letters from the sponsored child come to you and you could continue to write to this child. Please contact our office by phone or by email so that we can make this change for you.

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Do you have a gift catalogue?

March 19, 2013 10:49 am

Yes! We have a Gifts of Compassion catalogue. All items in our gift catalogue are available through our online store. We would be happy to provide you with paper copies of the catalogue if you wish. Please email us at or call 1-800-563-5437.

Click here to go to our online store.

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While we most often seek funds that enable us to respond to the urgent needs of our children, we also seek funding to offset the cost of our core programs. By raising money to offset the cost of core programs (like dental check-ups), the monthly support given by our sponsors can do more for the children we serve.

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Gifts that you can send to your sponsored child are different from Gifts of Compassion.

While it is highly likely that your sponsored child will benefit from a Gifts of Compassion throughout their time in the sponsorship program, you cannot choose to provide a direct gift for your child in this way.

Compassion greatly encourages sponsors to provide monetary gifts to their sponsored child throughout the year online here or by calling our office at 1-800-563-5437.

Gifts for your sponsored child include child, family gift, or birthday gift. 100 per cent of these monetary gifts reach your sponsored child and family. Appropriate gifts are purchased in your child’s country by child development centre staff in consultation with the child and family. Where possible, gifts are bought within the community helping to support the local economy.

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All contributions of $10 or more to Compassion Canada are tax deductible in Canada. To be eligible for a receipt, all year end gifts and donations to Compassion must be received by December 31st. Compassion receipts for income tax purposes are issued by February 28th of the following year. The receipt will be mailed to donors as well as be available for download at Receipts must be retained for tax purposes.

Our CRA Business number is 11887-1516 RR0001

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