Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

Hurricane Matthew has torn across communities in Haiti, dumping unprecedented amounts of rain on families already living in tents and unstable homes pieced together with tin, wood and tarps. In times like this, these families lose everything—shelter, food water, clothes and hygiene items.

We anticipate a significant need for hurricane relief and recovery, and our church partners are poised and waiting to respond to the needs of these families.

If you sponsor a child in Haiti, we know that you must feel deeply concerned. If your child has been impacted, we will notify you as soon as we become aware.


Crisis Updates

photo of Hurricane Matthew aftermath photo of Hurricane Matthew aftermath map of Hurricane Matthew over Haiti

November 7th: Compassion Haiti has completed their assessment of Hurricane Matthew’s impact to Compassion. Thanks to an intensive search by our church partner staff, all missing children are now accounted for and safe. In total, 13,069 Compassion beneficiaries were impacted, losing homes and possessions. Three Compassion beneficiaries, 34 caregivers, and six siblings in Haiti died as a result of Hurricane Matthew. 98 church partners were damaged or destroyed, and 97 of them were temporarily closed due to damage.

Compassion Haiti has moved to the next phase of their response, which is to provide 5,000 beneficiaries with temporary shelter and begin repairing 53 church partners, so Compassion programming can resume. Thank you for your prayers over this situation. The need remains great as people in Haiti continue to recover from the effects of Hurricane Matthew. Please pray for wisdom, provision and protection throughout the rehabilitation process.

October 27: In total, 12,691 Compassion beneficiaries in Haiti have been impacted, losing either homes or possessions. Tragically, 3 Compassion children, 34 caregivers, and 6 siblings have died as a result of Hurricane Matthew. The location and physical condition of several beneficiaries remains unknown at this time, but the field office will keep us updated on these children. 99 church partners have been damaged or destroyed; 98 of them are temporarily closed due to damage.

Compassion Haiti is working on the second phase of their relief plan, providing temporary shelter to beneficiaries and beginning repairs on church partner facilities, so Compassion programming can resume. Church partners that were unaffected have also begun mobilizing church members and school children to collect school supplies for those impacted.

October 17: As of last count, 11,097 Compassion beneficiaries have been affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, losing either home or possessions. Tragically, 3 Compassion children, 33 caregivers and 6 siblings in Haiti have died as a result of Hurricane Matthew. The location and physical condition of several beneficiaries is unknown at this time. Compassion Haiti will keep us updated on the status of finding these children. 88 of our church partners have been either damaged or destroyed, and 87 of them are temporarily closed due to damage.

Compassion Haiti continues to distribute supplies, such as food, water, clothing and hygiene kits. Despite many challenges, our church partners are exploring ways to resume activities, so they can assist children with psychological recovery and continue their schooling.

October 12: Tragically, 3 Compassion children and 4 caregivers of Compassion beneficiaries have died as a result of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. 3,126 Compassion children have been impacted in Haiti. Most of those have either lost possessions or their homes have been damaged or destroyed. 73 of our church partners are damaged or destroyed and are temporarily closed.

Compassion Haiti is distributing food, water and hygiene kits, while also continuing to assess the damage.

In Colombia, 86 Compassion children have been impacted by Hurricane Matthew, losing their homes or possessions. In the Dominican Republic, 1 Compassion child’s home was damaged by the hurricane.

October 7th: A total of 66 Compassion church partners have been reported as significantly damaged or destroyed. More than 1,200 Compassion children’s homes have been damaged or destroyed. These numbers are likely to increase as our assessment continues. Sadly, one Compassion child was killed as a result of the hurricane. Please join us in prayer for all those affected.
October 6th: Compassion Haiti staff are providing immediate support to Compassion assisted children affected by Hurricane Matthew. Currently, 35 Compassion child development centres in Haiti have been either significantly damaged or destroyed. So far 70 Compassion assisted children’s homes in Haiti have been reported as damaged or destroyed. Many children have been relocated to safer areas and local Compassion staff are assisting them with food, water and shelter. No child development centres in the Dominican Republic have been reported as damaged, and one Compassion child’s home has been damaged in the Dominican Republic.
October 4th: Hurricane Matthew made landfall in southwestern Haiti early October 4th, bringing with it 145 MPH winds and heavy rains.
October 3rd: Compassion Haiti Country Director Guilbaud Saint-Cyr says, “We have in place disaster committees, not just at Compassion’s field office, but also at the different clusters where we have church partners. Those churches are monitoring the situation; identifying and educating the parents and children who are at major risk. They are also sending us alerts. Our (disaster) contingency plan has three phases: 1) education and relocation before the hurricane comes, 2) short-term relief right after the hurricane and 3) evaluation and appropriate response. Right now we are in phase one since the hurricane will be hitting the country later today and tomorrow.”


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No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed the need for funding for Hurricane Matthew, the remaining funds will be directed where the need is greatest.